Create privacy in your townhouse garden

Townhouses are an apartment dwellers dream - not only are they more spacious, they also offer a little plot of land to call their own. Imagine being able to sit outside and enjoy your morning coffee. The only thing that could make it better is to add some privacy to your … [Read more...]

Refresh your planters for fall

Now that the dog days of summer are over, it's time to refresh those sad looking annuals in your planters and containers. Think bold fall colours, textured foliage and whimsical ornaments like straw scarecrows. Popular plants for fall containers: Of course … [Read more...]

Help your kids keep their room tidy

A messy room is often associated with a child's room, but sometimes the tripping hazards need to be addressed.  Here are a few tips to encourage your child to tidy their room. Give your child an incentive to clean up their room. If your child is having a playdate or … [Read more...]

Design tips for your bedroom

Your bedroom is a private place where you go to sleep, so obviously you need a bed, but what other elements do you need in your bedroom? Standard furnishings like a dresser and night stand are needed and some bedrooms are large enough to accommodate a comfy chair or lounge. … [Read more...]

Backyard storage ideas

When it comes to backyard clutter, out of sight, out of mind is the best approach, especially in a smaller backyard. Here are a few storage ideas to keep your yard and garden looking fantastic all year round. Patio storage bins: Storage bins are a great way to hide … [Read more...]

How to avoid unwanted visitors in your green bin

Summer is in full swing and Southern Ontario has enjoyed some very hot and humid weather. You may enjoy basking in the hot sunshine, but the contents of your green bin certainly do not, especially when the organic material attracts unwanted visitors. Here are few helpful … [Read more...]

A simple water garden for the summer

You may not have a sprawling country estate, but that doesn't mean you can't create a backyard oasis. If you love the sound of trickling water, than maybe a pond in a pot is the perfect decorative element for your garden. All you need is a few aquatic plants and … [Read more...]

Kitchen design trends

Kitchens are the heart of the home. It's a place where family members can chat after a long day at work and school to reconnect while dinner is prepared. When guests arrive, they always tend to congregate in the kitchen. So ensure you're kitchen is a welcoming and inviting … [Read more...]

Creating an outdoor living space

A backyard is a tranquil place to enjoy some fresh air and garden, but it can be much more than that. Plan the space When creating an outdoor room, you need to evaluate the types of activities the space will need to accommodate. Do you need room for the kids to play? … [Read more...]

Interior design trends for 2014

It may be difficult to wait for your new home to be built, but look on the bright side. You have ample time to research the latest colour and home décor trends. Wonder what’s hot for 2014? Brighten your home with yellow. From yellow walls to yellow accessories, this … [Read more...]