Tips to dressing your windows

From blinds and California shutters to sheer, wispy curtains and heavy drapes, the range of window coverings available to choose from is quite diverse. To enhance your home’s décor, choosing window coverings based on colour is a great way to express your style or youcan … [Read more...]

How to properly hang a picture

Now that you’ve moved into your newly built home, it’s time to decorate. From hanging mirrors to family photos, you want to ensure you’re hanging them securely and safely to avoid any unfortunate disasters. Of course it’s always best to anchor into solid wood, like a … [Read more...]

Five Easter decorating ideas

Easter bunnies and brightly coloured eggs and baskets, oh my.  Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch, family gathering, or simply wanting to decorate the house for the kids, here are five Easter décor tips. Egg-ceptional décor Colourful plastic eggs can be quite … [Read more...]

A great room for family

The kitchen of most homes is considered a central hub of the house. Aside from being a place to cook and prepare meals, it’s also a place where family members connect. While unpacking their backpack, kids tell mom about their day at school while she cooks dinner. When Dad … [Read more...]

Bring spring indoors

Spring may not yet have sprung, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some spring blossoms inside your home. The gift of colour, scent and lushness that plants provide are a refreshing addition to any home. Nothing is more refreshing than a vase of fresh cut flowers … [Read more...]

Creating the mood of your new homes

A new home is like an artist’s blank canvas – the only limits to decorating your home is your imagination and potentially your bank account. Decorating trends are always changing, but you want to choose a style that compliments your personality and lifestyle. The Canadian … [Read more...]

Think about furniture layout

You’re layout of your newly built Bucci home has been designed to offer functionality, style and comfort. Now that it’s time to move in take the time to consider how and where you’ll place your belongings. The way you position your furniture can have a huge impact on the … [Read more...]

Breath easy in your new home

Did you know that Canadians spend more than 90 per cent of their time indoors, and much of that time is spent at home or in the office? Poor indoor air can have adverse effects on our health and may lead to feeling fatigued and unwell, and may eventually trigger allergies … [Read more...]

Three things to consider when designing a laundry room

As a purely functional space, laundry rooms tend to be one of last things to consider when choosing a floor plan. We prioritize our living space first – layout of the kitchen, number of bedrooms, closet sizes, location of bathrooms, design of the family room – and then we … [Read more...]