Modern laundry rooms

Back in the day, doing the weekly wash was a test of endurance, with laundry rooms located in the basement clad with concrete floors. Gone are those days. Laundry rooms - mostly on main or even second floors - are now bright, stylish places energy-efficient and a clever use … [Read more...]

Getting kids involved when buying a newly built home

Do you think about your kids when you are considering purchasing a home? Getting kids involved in making the decisions when purchasing a newly built home is a great way for them to feel comfortable when moving. Keep in mind that moving is one of the most dramatic changes in … [Read more...]

Home flooring options

When buying or having a home built, flooring is fundamental and there are many choices. The consultants at Bucci Homes in Burlington are up-to-the-minute experienced in rapidly expanding flooring choices and are there to assist for what is best for you and your … [Read more...]

New home trends

So you have had your dream home built. The structure is solid, the design a dream, but now for the decor. Where to start? Choosing colours for the walls is a great way to incorporate your furniture to be the final touch in each and every room. If you live in the … [Read more...]

Tis the season to decorate

The holiday season is upon us and festive urns, trees, lights and stockings are decorating our doors, mantels and front porches. To get you in the spirit, here are a few holiday decor trends to bright your home this year. Candy centrepeices Who doesn't love candy? It's … [Read more...]

Caring for your hardwood floors

The elegant hardwood floors installed in your new home will provide a lifetime of warmth and beauty. Your floors are also easy to care for! All you have to do is keep some simple tips in mind. Subdue dust bunnies by using a dust mop, broom or vacuum with a brush or felt … [Read more...]

What you need to know about carbon monoxide safety

Colder temperatures have us snuggling into our homes, warm and cozy. Windows are shut tight against bone-chilling winds, the furnace hums, the flames from the gas fireplace or wood stove flicker casting a comforting glow. Before enjoying the warmth and atmosphere, make … [Read more...]

Reduce those heating bills

Winter is coming!  As the weather turns chilly, households start preparing for the inevitable rise in heating costs. But it doesn’t have to be so ominous. What people don’t realize is that heating your water is the second largest use of energy. The first is, of course, space … [Read more...]

How to set up a home office

Whether you’re a virtual worker or operate a home-based business, creating a “business” space will help you be more productive and will, hopefully, keep you away from doing chores around the house, like the laundry.  First assess your technology needs then choose a spot. It … [Read more...]

Do-it-yourself energy audit

Today’s typical family living in a three-bedroom, two-story home spends about $2500 in energy costs each year. To better manage those costs, consider conducting your own energy audit. It’s easy! First of all, find out how much energy is being used by keeping a log and … [Read more...]