Enjoying seasonal light displays

As the winter solstice approaches and the days get shorter, bright and cheerful light displays on homes and businesses bring colour and light-hearted pleasure on the dark winter nights. Hanging lights on your home can be a wonderful tradition whatever religious or cultural … [Read more...]

What you need to know about carbon monoxide safety

Colder temperatures have us snuggling into our homes, warm and cozy. Windows are shut tight against bone-chilling winds, the furnace hums, the flames from the gas fireplace or wood stove flicker casting a comforting glow. Before enjoying the warmth and atmosphere, make … [Read more...]

Steps to reduce your debt in 2014

Canadians are living with too much debt. Household debt at record levels in the form of large mortgages, liens of credit and credit cards.  The most recent stats numbers coming show that Canadians owe $1.51 for every dollar they earn. If debt is driving you crazy then follow … [Read more...]

Home ownership benefits retirees

A recent study released by StatsCan found that purchasing a home is a wise choice as an investment for retirement. The study, which examined the years between 1969 and 2006, concluded that home ownership made a significant and rising contribution to household finances for … [Read more...]

Decorating for the holidays

Yes, it’s getting near that time of year again to start planning your holiday home decorating.  Whether it’s already a tried and true tradition or you’re just starting out, adding some stylish holiday touches can add warmth and merriment in your home. You are only limited by … [Read more...]

House-hunting tips for couples

A lot of couples admit they are an example of opposites attracting. So when these couples decide to buy a home together, their differences can certainly pose a challenge. Buying a home is exciting but the process can also be stressful. It’s the biggest purchase most people … [Read more...]

Reduce those heating bills

Winter is coming!  As the weather turns chilly, households start preparing for the inevitable rise in heating costs. But it doesn’t have to be so ominous. What people don’t realize is that heating your water is the second largest use of energy. The first is, of course, space … [Read more...]

How to set up a home office

Whether you’re a virtual worker or operate a home-based business, creating a “business” space will help you be more productive and will, hopefully, keep you away from doing chores around the house, like the laundry.  First assess your technology needs then choose a spot. It … [Read more...]

The closing process

Once you’ve made your home purchase, the mortgage has been approved and all related documents have been submitted, then the final arrangements are made. During this process, the buyer and the seller, through their lawyers, satisfy the terms and conditions set out in the … [Read more...]

Decorate with paint this season

The leaves are changing colours – it’s a sure sign that summer is over and the holiday season will soon be here. It’s time to start thinking about blissful cocooning in home comfort.  But you look around and something doesn’t feel right. Your home needs a change. But what to … [Read more...]