Modern laundry rooms

dryer insideBack in the day, doing the weekly wash was a test of endurance, with laundry rooms located in the basement clad with concrete floors. Gone are those days. Laundry rooms – mostly on main or even second floors – are now bright, stylish places energy-efficient and a clever use of space.

If you are building a new home and would like some smart, up-to-date ideas as to laundry room design, speak with a consultant at Bucci Homes.

Pullout drying racks for sweaters, stainless-steel sinks with chic faucets and small, flip-out televisions are the latest must-have to end the days of laundry feeling like a prison sentence.

Basement laundry rooms are now considered retrograde and in two-storey homes, a second-floor laundry can be directly accessed from the hall (perfect for the children) or from the walk-in closet in the master bedroom. Even main floor laundry rooms are becoming popular, as it only makes sense to have the facilities close to the rooms that generate most of the laundry. @BucciHomes offers many tips on Twitter.

If your laundry room is on the main or second floor, a steel pan under the washer will minimize water leak damage. To prevent leaks, use steel braided laundry hoses. A brass washing machine shut-off valve that connects the water supply to the hoses gives added protection.

For laundry rooms near sleeping quarters, look for a low-decibel washer with vibration control.

Hiring a professional from Bucci Homes will definitely give you the best results and make laundry a day seem less than a dreaded chore.