Getting kids involved when buying a newly built home

shutterstock_38060935Do you think about your kids when you are considering purchasing a home? Getting kids involved in making the decisions when purchasing a newly built home is a great way for them to feel comfortable when moving. Keep in mind that moving is one of the most dramatic changes in a child’s life and you want to ensure the transition goes smoothly for them!

  • Ask your child for thier opinion about décor.
  • Make sure each child has their own space. Even if sharing a room with a sibling, make sure each has a designated part of the room as his or her own.
  • Make the house accessible for the little ones. Hang coat hooks at their level, have a step stool in the bathroom for sink use and store snacks and drinks where he can reach them. Also, designate lower shelves in the family room where your child can store book, puzzles, etc.
  • As a member of the family, your child has certain responsibilities including household chores. Assign age-appropriate chores and make sure your child completes his assigned tasks.
  • In the family room, have lots of big comfy pillows and beanbag chairs so that kids will want to hang out with their parents in a place that’s not stuffy and formal. Visit Facebook for example photographs.