Home flooring options

When buying or having a home built, flooring is fundamental and there are many choices.

The consultants at Bucci Homes in Burlington are up-to-the-minute experienced in rapidly expanding flooring choices and are there to assist for what is best for you and your family.

Today’s sustainable flooring for homes can be subtle, practical and reasonably priced.

Green flooring options can includes cork, bamboo, sustainably harvested lumber, salvaged materials and many others.

Your choices matter because green-flooring materials conserve resources, helping to prevent climate change.

Green flooring also reduces pollution from manufacturing. Using sustainable materials, along with related green products such as flooring adhesives and finishes, improves indoor air quality as well.

Make durability your first priority. Nearly any flooring material that lasts for many years, still looks good and does its job can be considered somewhat green. Get recommendations from friends, stores and contractors for durable flooring for specific rooms. Stay away from the cheapest flooring materials.

To explore the wide range of green flooring materials, start by visiting websites of stores offering selections of two or more types. Some retailers will send you samples of green flooring products for a nominal fee. For more tips visit @BucciHomes on Twitter.

Store websites often provide detailed information about specific brands of green flooring products, along with installation specifications and guidelines. Don’t undertake installation yourself unless you have experience with the material.