Tuck your house in for fall

Whether you live in a new house or an older home, there are certain tasks around the house that can easily be done to help your pre-winter maintenance schedule —whether it’s replacing old weather-stripping or cleaning out the gutters, here are a few tips to help you tuck your home in.

Check your gutters

Leaves and other debris can quickly accumulate in gutters, cause obstructions to water flow. To prevent gutters from overflowing during heavy rainfall, clean your gutters out. Simply take your garden hose, position your ladder to allow you to spray any debris towards the down spout to clear the gutters.

Reseed grass

Fall is a great time for new grass seed to take root, so take advantage of the cooler days and nights to reseed in selected areas. Reseeding also eliminates areas for weeds to grow in the spring. Fertilize your lawn one more time with a “wintereizing” fertilizer high in nitrogen to encourage root growth.

Trim any dead branches from trees

Inclement fall and winter weather can cause weak trees or branches to break and damage your home, car or someone walking on your property. For larger trees, if you see any signs of hazards, call a professional tree service. Otherwise for smaller trees, use a handsaw or pruners to remove any dead branches .