Tis the season to decorate

The holiday season is upon us and festive urns, trees, lights and stockings are decorating our doors, mantels and front porches. To get you in the spirit, here are a few holiday decor trends to bright your home this year.

Candy centrepeices

Who doesn’t love candy? It’s sweet and tasty, but it’s also bright, cheerful and colourful. Glass bowls and urns filled with hard candy make a festive and unique centrepiece for any holiday table – and you can have it for dessert!

Outdoor ornaments

Ornaments and glass balls aren’t just for indoors anymore. Larger ornaments are gaining in popularity and are being hung up on trees in front lawns. They add a festive touch to your  home during the day.

Glass vases brimming with colour

Glass urns and vases positioned in windowsills and focal points throughout the house have always been popular, but for the holiday season, fill them with brightly, coloured balls. Choose a colour palette that will match your home decor or go crazy with contrasting colours. Tis the season to be adventurous.

Fluffy Feathers

Feathers add texture, whimsy and fun to any home decor. Feathered wreathes are a great alternative to the traditional holiday wreath. Hang them indoors or in a sheltered location outside.