Tips to get your property ready for winter

Winter is coming! Okay, so maybe it’s not as dire as the warning in the popular TV series, The Game of Thrones, but there are ways to prevent damage from snow, ice and wind. Start with fire, meaning prep your fireplace. Nothing adds more comfort and intimacy than a stoked up hearth on a chilly day. So grab a flashlight, take a peek inside, and check for any build-up or cracks. Make sure there are no bird nests. Maybe it’s time to invest in good chimney sweeping. Make sure the damper works. Then load up with firewood and prepare to cozy up.

Here are few more ideas:

  • Lower utility bills and keep the heat in by sealing those windows. Caulk any cracks, and cover windows with that thin plastic film available at any hardware store.
  • Don’t forget the doors – older ions can let the cold in. Outdated doors that let cold air in. If you really like that antique door that was such a great find at the flea market, then weather-strip it.
  • Clean out the gutters. There is no faster way for water to get into your home than through clogged gutters. When the snow starts to melt, and the gutters are clogged water can leak in and damage the foundation. Also check that the downpipes are leak-free and that water runs through them unobstructed.
  • Look at your roof. Make sure there are no damaged shingles where water can leak in.
  • You might consider insulating your attic. Large amounts of heat can be lost through walls, floors and – since heat rises – especially ceilings.
  • In an older home, that can be the most cost-efficient way to cut home heating costs., Do a little furnace maintenance. To max out efficiency, make sure to have the furnace inspected at least once a year. Fall is the perfect time. You don’t want the heat cutting out on a particularly cold night.

Now you’re ready to bundle up and enjoy the winter season.