Reduce those heating bills

Winter is coming!  As the weather turns chilly, households start preparing for the inevitable rise in heating costs. But it doesn’t have to be so ominous. What people don’t realize is that heating your water is the second largest use of energy. The first is, of course, space heating and appliances come in third.  To prevent heat loss, make sure the water pipes are insulated. You might also consider installing low-flow toilets and showerheads.

Also, try these tips to lower your heating bills this winter season.

  1. Do an energy audit.  This will help you find those drafty spots and areas where warm air is leaking outside.  Check for drafts around windows, doors and any areas that might have holes or gaps such as attics or basements. Once drafts are located, install door sweeps and use weatherproof caulking and weather-stripping.
  2. Heat yourself first. Yep, get your woolies on – sock, sweater, etc. Cozy up with a blanket and turn down that thermostat.
  3. Check your furnace. Better yet, have it serviced. A well-running furnace is money in your pocket.
  4. Replace an old furnace. Check for any incentive plans or rebates, and look into the Government of Canada’s ecoEnergy Retrofit program.
  5. Make sure your roof is insulated.  Here’s how you can tell – when it snows, check if the snow is melting. If it is, you’re losing heat. A well-insulated roof holds the snow.
  6. Keep unused rooms closed. Only heat the rooms you need and us more often.
  7. Use your window coverings wisely. Shut them at night to keep the cold out and open them during the day to catch the warmth of the sun.
  8. Wash with cold water. There are detergents especially for cold water washing and will do just as good a job.