It’s time to plant bulbs

Whether you’re planting in your garden or in containers, here are a few tips to successfully plant beautiful bulbs for spring blooms.

Choosing your bulbs: For the healthiest bulbs, you want to avoid ones that are dry, weathered, soft or mouldy.

When to plant: Spring blooming bulbs are planted in the fall, between the months of September and November. Before the ground freezes these bulbs need several weeks in the earth to get their roots growing.

Where to plant: Most flowering bulbs prefer full sun however some do enjoy the shade. The soil and the ph will depend on what bulb you are planting. Generally, you want a well-drained, neutral soil. Don’t plant them in soil that is constantly wet -too much water can cause your bulbs to rot.

How to plant: Each bulb species has specific instructions for spacing and depth, so always refer to the package. However, the general rule is to plant bulb to a depth of about three times their height size. Once you have dug to the correct specifications, add bone meal fertilizer into the soil, place bulbs facing upwards – pointy side up. Cover it with soil and be sure to water after planting, this way it will close the air pockets.