Downsizing to a condominium

Over the years you have enjoyed your home and garden. For reasons as individual as each homeowner, there may come a time when you choose to move on from that home to live in a one that is smaller and easier to care for. Condominium living is a wonderful alternative! The grass is cut for you, the snow is shoveled and major exterior home repairs are taken care of. If your lifestyle includes travel, a condominium offers convenience and security.

Downsizing, however, can feel overwhelming. Sorting through your possessions to decide what will come with you to a smaller space can be difficult.

Spreading out the process over a period of time is helpful. If you already know the size and layout of the rooms in your new home, planning is simpler. Measure the furniture you wish to take with you and make a floor plan to ensure that each piece will fit in its new location. You may wish to keep just one or two favourite pieces and invest in smaller items.

Streamline your kitchen and closets. How many sets of dishes do you need? Are there unused kitchen gadgets sitting in drawers? Go through your collections of such items as linens, books and ornaments. Remember that tools for outdoor maintenance such as a lawnmower, snow blower or other items will not be needed!

Sell, recycle or give away items you will no longer need to family and friends. Consider donating gently used items in good condition to a non-profit organization in your area. In some cases they may be able to pick up larger items, call to check.

If you don’t have a lot of time to plan and prepare, there are services available to assist with sorting through and disbursement of possessions and planning for a move. You don’t have to do it all alone.

Those downsizing possessions can be challenging, it can bring a sense of being “lighter”. Moving from one home to another can be a fresh start and a new adventure!