Caring for your hardwood floors

The elegant hardwood floors installed in your new home will provide a lifetime of warmth and beauty. Your floors are also easy to care for! All you have to do is keep some simple tips in mind.

Subdue dust bunnies by using a dust mop, broom or vacuum with a brush or felt attachment weekly or more often as needed, every household is different.

Damp-clean weekly with an appropriate wood floor cleaning product, following the instructions provided for the product used. Do not use ammonia based cleaners or acidic materials such as vinegar as they will damage the finish of the wood.

Polish your floor – depending on the finish used on your flooring, applying an appropriate, environmentally friendly polish every few months will maintain your floor’s luster.

Liquids and excess moisture can harm hardwood finishes. To prevent problems, clean up spills immediately. A humidifier in winter months that is set correctly can help to prevent wood from drying out without introducing too much moisture. If you are getting moisture build-up on the inside of your windows, the setting is likely too high.

Protect vulnerable areas – you may also wish to consider placing breathable area rugs and runners with slip-resistant backing in front of sinks, exterior doors and along high traffic areas. Avoid the use of rubber or other non-breathable backing materials.

Prevent scratches:

–       Apply appropriate protector pads to the bottom of furniture legs.

–       Avoid shifting heavy furniture or appliances across the wood flooring. Use appliance lifts or flooring protection if possible.

–       Keep pet nails trimmed short.

–       Avoid walking on floors in spike heels or shoes with sharp, protruding objects.

Accidents happen on occasion, but when they do, hardwood floors have a wonderful advantage. Hardwood flooring can be restored to its original beauty through refinishing.

Built to last, hardwood flooring is a long term investment that never goes out of style.