Back to school organizing tips

As the beginning of school quickly approaches, the thoughts of back to school and back to routine are on the minds of most parents. Chaotic mornings of ensuring everyone has a healthy breakfast, homework done and out the door on time can be made more smoothly with a few organizational tips.

To eliminate confusion and  a child wailing that they can’t find something, create a supersized and organized area for kids to keep all their school stuff. Whether in the front hallway or their bedroom, a place to keep backpacks, books, homework, assignements and other school essentials in one location will help save time.

The night before, have your kids pack their backpack with everything they need for the next school day. Making lunches the night before will also help to keep mornings less chaotic.

A devoted time for working on home work each and every day will help create a routine for your kids that will help them succeed for years to come.

The week before school starts, get your kids use to waking up a bit earlier and going to bed earlier. Sluggish mornings will be unavoidable, but if you try to start the school routine before school actually starts, you’ll hopefully have less hassles.

To help them get dressed in a timely fashion, an organized closet and dresser go a long way. Organize clothes into school and play sections. That way kids know exactly where to look.