A healthy community

The close proximity of hospitals and health centres may not be a huge factor to everyone in deciding where to buy a home, but to some it could be a very important deal breaker. Luckily, for those of you interested in moving to Bucci’s latest development in Grimsby, Bliss is conveniently located close to several hospitals and health centres.

West Lincoln Memorial Hospital

Located at 69 Main Street East in Grimsby, West Lincoln Memorial Hospital (WLMH) operates as a primary care facility, in partnership with other health care providers and community agencies, to provide active and continuing care services to the residents of the surrounding communities. Serving the Grimsby, Lincoln and West Lincoln Communities, WLMH is a 60 bed hospitals offering medical/surgical, obstetrical, complex continuing care, intensive care and emergency services.  WLMH’s mission is:  “A caring team partnering with our Communities to provide quality healthcare close to home”. 

A new agreement between West Lincoln Memorial Hospital and Hamilton Health Sciences Corp. has the potential to resuscitate the west Niagara hospital’s cancelled construction plans. The two hospitals already have an existing agreement that permits collaboration in various resources such as human resources, education, laboratories, materials management, purchasing and information technology. And the two hospitals already care for some of the same patients, with 80 per cent of babies born at WLMH needing neonatal intensive care begin sent to McMaster Children’s Hospital.

If you’re thinking about moving to Grimsby, you can rest assured that if you ever need to seek medical attention close to home, WLMH will help take care of you and your family.